Ignite Life Center’s
Covid Precautions

In order to ensure the wellbeing of our family, friends and guests and provide a safe worship experience for everyone who attends our services please fill out the Covid pre-service questionnaire with one of our screeners in the foyer of our sanctuary prior to the start of service and review the precautions below.


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Precautions are as follows:

• Masks must be worn at all times by adults and children over the age of 2 years old. Masks must be worn to cover your nose and mouth. ⁣
• We will perform temperature checks for all attendees before entering the Sanctuary. ⁣
• We must sanitize our hands in the foyer before entering the sanctuary and after using the restrooms. Please remember to sanitize your hands frequently during our services by using the sanitizing stations. ⁣
• Remember to enter and exit through the designated doors at the front of the church only. No side or back doors are to be used at any time.⁣
• No food or drinks are allowed in the sanctuary at any time. ⁣
• All food functions (corporate breakfasts, Sunday morning and Wednesday night snacks) are limited and paused.⁣
• Our facilities will be sanitized before and after services with restrooms being sanitized after each use. ⁣
• If you are not feeling well, please stay home for the wellbeing of everyone attending services.⁣
• “See Something, Say Something!” If you notice that someone appears to be ill, please do not hesitate to let an usher know. ⁣
• Attendees are encouraged to:⁣ Fist pump as opposed to handshake, hug, or placing hands on other church congregant’s shoulders. ⁣
• Look to refrain from making physical contact all costs.⁣
⁣• Those who live in the same home will be seated together. Even if you arrive at church in the same car, if you do not live in the same home, you will be seated separately.⁣
• Do not seat jump at any point while in the sanctuary. Please remain in your assigned chairs only:⁣
     • At Fire at dawn, before service, during service, during worship practice, and after service. ⁣
• Praying for others: ⁣
     • Please wear your mask correctly during this time. ⁣
     • Sanitize hands before and immediately after laying hands on someone. Even if you are wearing gloves, this step remains the same. ⁣
     • Please refrain from holding, touching, or grabbing children who are not your own, unless the parent has granted you permission.